For a quick response and proved results:

An unexpected fire, a powerful storm or some heavy rainfall. You might not know when a disaster will occur and how this will affect your lives, but when the damage is done, you can always count on BİMTES E-LAB damage restoration department for quick and applicable solutions under any circumstances no matter how big the impact is.

Established for this purpose in 1995, BİMTES HG restores buildings and devices damaged by disasters, especially fire and flood, to a reusable and functional state with the right practices, for the lowest cost and as soon as possible.

BİMTES HG continues to be a leading company in industrial damage and housing restoration after becoming more powerful thanks to its cooperation with world-renowned damage restoration company BELFOR. BİMTES HG takes care of all sizes of serious fire and flood damage restorations with many years of knowledge, experience, and the latest equipment, and gains its customers’ trust with meticulous work from beginning to end.

As well as operating across Turkey, BİMTES HG provides its damage restoration services in Turkic Republics and the Middle East as well.

Fire Damage

Bimtes HG team brings back time with fast and accurate application techniques. It minimizes the loss of time and profit that will occur in your workplace after damage.

Water Damage

Bimtes-HG offers effective solutions in a short time with its expert team and equipment in floods.