Flood, heavy rain, storms, pipe bursts and many other factors may cause water damage. The first thing to do to mitigate water damage is to act immediately and seek help from a team of professionals. The main goal after a water damage is to prevent problems that may occur due to mud, acidic substances and bacteria carried by dirty water. BİMTES HG’s water damage restoration service includes removing water and mud, recovering machines, furniture and other valuables in the damaged area and drying them.

Water and mud removal

Thanks to 24 special pumping systems Damage Recovery department owns, we are able to remove up to 2.000 m3 water per hour. Dirty and muddy water in the area is quickly removed with this system.

Corrosion Removal

When electronic cards or mechanic parts corrode after flood or water damage, special chemicals are used to stop the process. Then, corrosion is removed with BELFOR chemicals prepared according to the amount of corrosion. If corrosion is removed with an acidic chemical, the surface is neutralized with alkaline chemicals. Finally, the surface is covered with corrosion preventive chemicals to avert another corrosion.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We use ultrasonic bathroom boilers for chemical cleaning after flood and fire damages. The most important aspect of these boilers is 25-40 kHz ultrasonic generators placed on their base and sides. Thanks to their magnetic effect, mechanic parts are cleansed from dirt and rust to perfection. Specially trained BİMTES HG employees to take part in this process and they use BELFOR chemicals.


Devices damaged during floods undergo cleaning by conditioned air, draining through vacuuming and oven drying processes respectively.

Disinfection and Deodorization (Ozonization)

After a fire, flood or any incident that results in a bad odor, airborne bacteria need to be disinfected. This operation is led professionally by BİMTES HG with ozonization process. As ozone is a natural, colorless gas that can easily reach to anywhere, ozonization is a truly effective disinfection method. Ozonization process begins after cleaning the affected area with special BELFOR chemicals.