The role of BIMTES HG in a fire disaster in your workplace or home,
  • To take emergency measures to prevent damage to the damaged site (collapse and corrosion protection).
  • Corrosion removal, chemical cleaning and repair of all damaged machines and electronic devices.
  • Restoration of electronic boards, server rooms and control-management rooms.
  • Chemical cleaning and repair of all electronic and electrical equipment that can be recovered by ultrasonic washing.
  • Preventing corrosion due to fire, removing corrosion and taking preventive measures to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Debris removal, repairing, projecting, manufacturing and re-construction (roof, wall, etc.) operations in damaged structure.

Soot Removal

Soot and smoke caused by fire not only result in a bad odor, but they may also cause irrevocable damage to devices, machines, furniture and other materials in time. BİMTES HG quickly evaluates the situation and takes immediate action by applying protective chemical solutions for corrosion prevention and helps eliminating the soot and other hazardous substances. BİMTES HG guarantees decontamination of buildings and machines damaged by fire from soot, smut and other contaminating substances.


Another factor causing damage in fire incidents is the water that is used to put out the fire. These devices undergo cleaning by conditioned air, draining through vacuuming and oven drying processes.

Disinfection and Deodorization (Ozonization)

After a fire, flood or any incident that results in a bad odor, airborne bacteria need to be disinfected. This operation is led professionally by BİMTES HG with ozonization process. As ozone is a natural, colorless gas that can easily reach to anywhere, ozonization is a truly effective disinfection method. Ozonization process begins after cleaning the affected area with special BELFOR chemicals.