Recovering information is what BİMTES E-LAB does

Our Services in
Data Recovery:

  • Clean Room
  • Data Recovery After Damage

Many things can lead to data loss such as human error, power cuts, natural disasters, accidental hard drive formatting, a decay of the product or simply spilling coffee or water on the device. As data recovery is vital to many people and companies, it should be handed over to professionals.

Data Recovery is restoring lost, deleted by mistake, broken or inaccessible data. It requires in-depth technical knowledge about data structures and how data platforms work, experience, software and tracking. Data recovery process changes depending on conditions of data loss, data recovery software used for recovering data and back-up target platform. As data saving platforms have really sensitive structures, data recovery processes need to be carried out in special work areas. Providing data recovery services from flash memories to RAID devices, BİMTES E-LAB is the leader of this field.

Clean Room

Clean Room is specially designed for data recovery and precision device repairs. BİMTES E-LAB carries out its data recovery and repair work in Clean Room where the air is cleansed from particles with a homogenous and fixed temperature and electronic discharge area.

Data recovery after damage

Factors such as fire and flood, voltage irregularity and electric leakage may cause severe damages and prevent you from accessing important data. That is why it is important to protect electronic and digital data and recover data after damage. With its professional manner, physical equipment and software, BİMTES E-LAB provides a data recovery service that emphasizes customer sensitivity and satisfaction.